Chemical Structure Tools

Marvin Sketch

Marvin Sketch allows users to draw compounds, import existing compounds, edit their structures, depict reactions, and perform many other tasks. It is a Java-based program provided by ChemAxon.

Marvin Space

MarvinSpace allows high-powered visualization of chemical structures in 3D. It can be used on a range of platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris

Marvin View

Marvin View provides a large set of visualization tools to allow the viewing of one or more compounds or reactions. It is a Java-based program provided by ChemAxon.

ChemAxon Tools

In addition to MarvinSketch, MarvinSpace, and MarvinView, ChemAxon provides several additional tools such as the Reactor and Fragmenter tools that could be useful to biochemists.


Jmol is a java-based open-source tool for viewing chemical structurs in 3D.

Discovery Studio Visualizer 2.0

The DS Visualizer enables users to view molecules and to generate high quality graphics files.

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